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Alone with a Token of Love

4 Feb

There has been a Northern Mockingbird coming to the feeder since mid-January.  These birds are supposed to winter in the southern part of the states.  It is alone.

The Foundling Museum–what a wonder there is such a thing–has a marvelous slideshow “Threads of Feeling” : 18th Century Textile tokens left with Abandoned Babies at the London Foundling Hospital

The slides move along rather quickly. Clicking on the black slide show rectangle pauses the show.

Some notes with the babes are legible also:

“Ann Gardiner daughter of James and Elizth Gardiner was born in the Brides Parrish and Baptized and Registered in the Parrish Church Octor 10th 1757.  Begs to have care Taken of her. And they will pay all charges in a little Time with a handsome AcknowledgeMent for the same and have her home again when they get over a little trouble”

With a boy baby:

“Go gentle babe!  Thy future hours be spent in vertous purity and calm content. Life’s sunshine bless thee: and no anxious care sit on thy brow, and drane the falling tear. Thy country’s faithful servant may’st thou prove and all thy life be Happiness and Love.”

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