Civil War Anniversary Quilt

6 Feb

2011 is the 150th Anniversary of the outbreak of the American Civil War.  There is an interesting Civil War Textile blog which is posting history and a free quilt block pattern each week of this year.

Last week’s was titled “Richmond” to remember Varina Davis, wife of the Confederate President,  and the capital of the Confederate headquarters.  “Jefferson Davis, former U.S. Senator from Mississippi, was inaugurated as President of the Confederate States 150 years ago this (last) week.”

“Four years of War changed the lively young wife. Like her Union counterpart Mary Lincoln Varina Davis lost a child during the War. In her memoir she recalled the day in 1864:
“I left my children quite well, playing in my room, and had just uncovered my [sewing] basket in [Jefferson’s] office when a servant came in for me. The most beautiful and brightest of my children, Joseph Emory, had in play climbed over the connecting angle of the banister and fallen to the brick pavement below. He died a few minutes after we reached his side.”
She gave birth to her youngest that year and wrote to Mary Chesnut in April, 1864.

“Do come to me, and see how we get on. I shall have a spare room by the time you arrive, indifferently furnished, but, oh, so affectionately placed at your service. You will receive such a loving welcome. One perfect bliss have I. The baby, who grows fat and is smiling always, is christened, and not old enough to develop the world’s vices or to be snubbed by it. The name so long delayed is Varina Anne. My name is a heritage of woe.””

So there is an idea for you Kirsty!  And for me, too.  A block a week to commemorate this part of our nation’s history, with a quilt to use for a lifetime at the end.

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