First Corinthians Nine

13 Feb

Last year as part of an art video project, I volunteered to memorize a chapter of First Corinthians.  Specifically, Chapter nine.  It took me a long time.  Many months longer than making my first graph in Excel. It was very hard for me, even after I found a translation that I could live with all that time. And, as you will notice if you care to watch, I still had to look at my notes.

Karen Brummond, a local artist, did all the videotaping.  I am very happy the backdrop for my recitation is an early spring morning up in the alfalfa field behind my house.  Which is now no more, as it was manured and then chisel plowed in the fall.

From the First Corinthians Memorized site:

“With the action as the subject, the participants’ recitation is woven together with images and sounds that explore how we perceive God’s Word. Each distinct video (or memory) is connected by four repeating themes. The color, place, sound, and frame are used as media for exploring the message of this project. First, color is used as an idea itself: It becomes an absolute juxtaposed with the details of the image and landscape. Place literally wraps around the story. Not merely a background, it is the context for our living. In the videos, it is familiar, ambiguous, fabricated, similar, or hidden. Sound is meant to be clear, so we can get the message. Characteristics of the sound give clues to our perception of the place and time. Finally, viewers must repeatedly deal with the frame. The frame is the border between what we can see and what we cannot see. It is a limit. Within, around, or beneath these four themes questions about the influence of First Corinthians Memorized arise.

May the listener be refreshed by a new presentation of I Corinthians, and encouraged to learn part of the Bible for personal reflection.”


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