8th Annual Big Boyce Chili Challenge Best Overall Chili – 2011

16 Feb

As you may or may not know, Jay works for BTI.  The Institute fosters a sense of community that Jay really enjoys. He usually participates in the chili challenge and has won at least a couple times.  But not in the face of intense competition.  Yesterday there were 14 different contestants and their respective chilis this year!

Ingredients:  Home grown and canned Sungold tomatoes, pheasant, kidney beans, onions, home grown garlic, pheasant fat, smoked paprika, ancho chili powder, white pepper, ajvar, coriander, cumin, salt  Jay planned for weeks.  he asked his mother for a pheasant and me for the tomatoes. I helped with the final spicing.  He left a bowl for me to have for lunch.  When I ate it, I thought “he better win, because I can not imagine a chili better than this.” And he did.

The Sungold tomatoes we grow are very popular at BTI.  So popular and well-known that Jay said at least one contestant said they should be banned as an ingredient.  🙂


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