First Harvest of 2011

18 Feb

It was in the 40’s F all day yesterday, so about 4PM I decided it was time to see if there were some greens we could have for supper in the cold frame. If not for the tall side posts I might not have known where it was, even after a day’s melt.

I used a hoe to remove snow from the top.

I thought that would be adequate.  But it was not.  There was a layer of ice under that snow so it all had to come off.  The weight would break the cover if it was lifted.

Then had to keep Hawthorne from climbing on it.  He thought it was an agility box to stand on.  Nope.


The moles have dug around quite a bit and many plants are barely in the soil.  I tucked a few back in.  I harvested 4+ cups of greens.  The mustard I picked out to cook.  The lettuces we had for salad last night.

The temperature this morning is about 50 F!  All night and even now it sounds like it is raining  But it is not.  It is the snow melting and water dripping continuously off the roof.  There are bare patches under the pines.


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