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The Ice Queen Returneth

19 Feb

You missed the 50 degree day.   The chickens loved it.  They were out scratching around all day.  The constant drumbeat of dripping melting snow continued unabated. The snow receded.  The rain troughs all were running full tilt. There were actual spots of green grass under the trees.

We woke up, almost unbelievably, to new inches of snow, cold, and high winds.  Well, the high winds were here yesterday, too.  It was so nice though that today ‘s winter return is difficult to grasp.  The roads are terrible; the class Hawthorne and I take was canceled!  It is still snowing.  It is still blowing.  It is cold.  The roads are still snow covered and greasy.

Our son has been house and cat sitting for a neighbor who has been off having sailing adventures. Isaac came over about 8.15 this morning and returned to the house about 3.45 this afternoon–and came right back with
news that a tree had gone down.  It was a very big tree.

The good news: it missed the house. If it had not, the house would have been crushed.  Isaac wasn’t there so it missed his car. It would have crushed it as it fell across the driveway. The electric lines are intact.

The not so good news:  the telephone line is down. Jay and I just returned from cutting and moving a few of the small limbs so when a car is parked or backed up to turn around they will not get scratched.  Also Jay removed the telephone wire from out of the way.

When I saw it, I thought “And L thought she was returning to a sedate life!  Ha!”

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