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24 Feb

Worldview is something that influences perspective; how and what one thinks about just about everything.  For instance there are in the nearly ten degree clear morning walk blue shadows;  small hoarfrost ice rectangles dropping from small sticks onto the smooth snow surface making faint piles of miniature ice windowpanes; tracks: coyote, rabbit, a small rodent jumping on two feet, snowshoe prints of someone with one ski pole and a dog; clear blue sky. My children refuse to go outside.  It is cold.

The town of Lucas do Rio Verde can be seen as a wonder or a horror, a blessing or a curse. I see it as the former. I do not think that Brasil wants all of its land to look like that town.  My friend suspects so.  We have different world views.  My friend fears people and a growing population.  I, on the other hand, wonder how many discoveries, inventions, new ideas, helps, medicines, books, music we in this country alone have destroyed by killing 40+ million babies the past few decades.

The Word for World is Forest by Ursula Le Guin shows some consequences of differing worldviews.  It is an interesting book I am reading now.

We agreed that our money will be better spent on others than on keeping pets alive in a terminal illness.  No CT scans, diabetes shots, kidney dialysis, radiation or chemotherapy for our dogs or cats.  Vaccinations for rabies, distemper, and pesticide doses against internal and external parasites.  That’s about it.

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