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Two Months From Tuesday, February the 22nd

26 Feb

Because spring always has come does not mean it will this year.  Does it?
Tuesday I told Isabelle that by the 22nd of April there would be green grass and flowers; no more snow.  She was incredulous.  How would I know such a thing?  This morning, as Hawthorne and I turned back after only a few dozen feet because of the disappearance of any trail, the depth of snow (over my boots), and the cold, it could seem fabulous to believe that the snow will end and spring will come. There has been snow on the ground for three solid months.  It is snowing now.  Again.

Is it more fabulous or incredible than believing the daily loving kindness, goodness, and mercy of God through Jesus?  Wednesday evening after supper, as I was doing dishes and Jay was standing by the stove speaking to me, I noticed Hawthorne laying by him.  Jay said the dog had just crawled out to the kitchen.  Hawthorne wanted to go out but could barely stand.  His right hip and leg were weak all of a sudden. That dog had done nothing unusual that day.

I took him out.  He slowly jerkily wandered a bit,   did his business,  and lay in the snow sniffing the wind.  He wobbled unsteadily back to the house, his right hind collapsing every couple steps.  As he lay on his bed, we prayed and asked Father God to heal him.  Was that silly?  Who else could?  Within 24 hours Hawthorne was back to his normal self, running and flinging himself through the snow with abandon.

I believe God hears us: I believe spring will come.  I have historical evidence backing me up.

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