Water or Gas?

27 Feb

I vote water. For now.

This article in today’s NY Times pushes me off the fence.  This past summer I listened to acquaintances in PA tell about roads degrading under large trucks,  noise, farm land prices soaring–pushing those who wish to farm off the land, contaminated wells.  To drill or no has been a big controversial conversation in this county for the past few years.  And we, Jay and I,  have been on the fence.  Why should the rest of the world provide us with what we have at hand? Why should they bear all the stink and heavy lifting?

But it seems data has been hoarded and problems not revealed.  If we say “No”, the engineers and chemists and geologists will go back to their skills and technology to come up with a less damaging method to extract the gas.  And tell the truth this time.

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