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An Incomplete List of Foods Eaten in Mongolia

6 Mar

This was written months ago.  If you are Mongolian without influence from the west your diet consists mostly of  meat, milk and dried and fermented dairy products, wheat noodles/dough, water, tea and salt.  The meat and dairy come from a variety of domestic cattle: cow, sheep, goat, horse, yak, camel, reindeer.

NB: all name and spelling errors are due to my ignorance and misunderstanding

aarts: a fermented ricotta-cheese type product.  We ate it cooked with rice and milk and sugar.  Different but nice. Has a tangy tsate.

hua jiao – a coriander-sized dried citrus fruit with a single black seed that smells spice/fruity/peppery which when sucked +/or chewed gives off a substance which makes lips, tongue and mouth tingle progressively more and more the longer in contact.  Alarmingly so! Think electric fence. Started out as a pleasant fruity taste.  Often used in conjunction with the very hot red pepper sauce.


Breakfasts: homemade yoghurt, bread, milk, tea

-milky cooked millet –sometimes with star anise and sugar

-bread and jam and milky tea

-milky sweetened rice

-bread and milk


Suppers:  Lahgman Manti–bean noodles,  ground meat and onions with a two toppings a) raw garlic ground with salt mixed with yoghurt and b) very hot red ground dried red peppers mixed with oil.  I forwent the second.

Narun: a Kazakh dish: boiled cut up horse with onions, carrots, potatoes, and noodles in the broth.  Kirsty taught me to make Mongolian noodles. Rounds of dough (flour and water) rolled very thin, lightly oiled, rolled up and steamed.  Then unrolled and cut or broken in pieces.

Laghman topping on rice: potatoes (lots) cabbage, red bell peppers, onions, beefe, black vinegar, laodza (the hot red pepper sauce)


Lunches and Snacks:  toasted, popped,  hulled buckwheat (this was tremendously wonderful–made by in a dry skillet)

-huushuur and pineapple Fanta.  Huushuur is a circle of  dough 6-7″ around lightly filled with cooked ground meat and onion, folded over, sealed and deep-fat fried.  Very nice.  Ate these with college students before going to visit the children in the holding facility.

-Mantibuuz: steamed dumplings: 4-5″ circles of yeast dough filled with ground raw cow head meat, onions.  Hannahd and Ganbaat made these.  They were very filling and delicious.  There is also buuz, made with a plain dough which i did not have.

-tea with small thick round sweetened biscuits flavored with orange oil, some dusted with confectionary sugar.

-Fried bread (kirsty’s) with onions and fried cheese

-rice with a fried egg on top

-Russian ice cream bar, Mongolian ice cream bars.  The Mongolian chocolate ones are especially nice.

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