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12 Mar

Snow again.  But it melted by the late morning.  The basement rivulets are slowing down.  The school musical “Seussical” started Thursday and runs through this evening; four performances in all, two today.  Since track also started this week Isabelle has been busy.  She is playing violin in the  small orchestra for the musical.  Which is very well done. The pale blue hair of Miss Gertrude McFuzz is so fetching I am entertaining the notion of discussing with my friend Deanna, a hairdresser, if it is possible to change mine to that color.  Or should I wait another three decades?

Jay cut some wood and swept the roof. (Yesterday) I raked and carted 50 gallons of spruce tips and cones from a small part of the lawn. (Today again) Isaac played frisbee in the mud.  I ferried the daughter.  And sewed and cooked.  And went to class with Hawthorne.  Jay was unable to catch us when we were doing something interesting, but here we are:

Hawthorne like jumping through this today, the first time he had seen it. Yes, he and Jay both had hair cuts.

Tomorrow is Jay’s birthday; steak, mashed potatoes, salad, broccoli, and angel food cake for supper.

Time changes tonight; we spring ahead.  The weather is also changing; have decided the quilt for our bed must be sewn at a faster pace so it can be completed before it is too nice to stay inside.  Have calculated that 8-9 pieces per curve times eight curved sections per block times eight more blocks: 544 small pieces needed!  And about 70 more larger pieces, not counting edging strips.

Jay and I have been watching and enjoying  Foyle’s War .


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