Speaking of Flowers

16 Mar

Two new species of flowers are out today.  At the edge of the melting snow are two tiny purple pink flowers; the first spring cyclamen.  Still in the snow are buds of other blooms to come.



And on the southern slope of the bank north of the garden, a pink tinged Hellebore is just about to pop open.

The Snow geese came and went last weekend stopping for a day or two on their way in north.      Jay could hear them flying in the night; their honks have a different timbre than the Canada geese.  The bluebirds have returned; they were singing in the mountain ash and the spruce yesterday.  A fat red squirrel is using the spruce tip highway between trees outside our bedroom window in the mornings; an even fatter gray squirrel came to the bird feeder today.

Most of this post was dictated using speech recognition software.  Until I got fed up with it and just typed the rest.  Including this bit.  It is arduous; one gets a better appreciation for how dumb the machine that masquerades as a smart tool really is; also the very small specific steps ones self needs to use it orally.

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