A Grouse

18 Mar

Years ago when Isabelle and I took walks we would note the (mostly) insects and birds dead on the side of the road.  Angela wished back then I would keep a dead journal.  Walks now are not usually on the road.  And I don’t get out driving much. But this week there are more dead animals along the road than there were the first week of March, which was the previous high week.  That week I saw the first minks, a raccoon, and skunk of the year all dead from car strike.  Deer–there are one or more each week.

Sunny, warm yesterday I noticed the first opossums (2), another couple mink, another skunk,  and a grouse.

The grouse came home with me.  It was freshly killed.  The deboned breast meat weighed  four tenths of an ounce less than half a pound.  It was cleaned and parboiled and then fried in butter.  Since it had not gone through rigor it was chewy.

But tasted wonderful with buttered vegetables.

Saw also the first live woodchuck of the year out of its den in a pasture.

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