Spring All Sorts

20 Mar

Not liquorice, though.

On the morning’s walk there were small spider webs in odd corners of soil and vegetative matter.  Within those webs were caught snowflakes in true suspended animation.  In the woods some snowflakes were gathered in the hollows of small deeply cupped leaves.  Otherwise they had all disappeared with the sunrise.

March carrots.Sweet and wonderful raw or cooked.  Have quite a few more to dig. The variety is incredibly long–some were over a foot, though many broke off and had to dig out the rest.

Petra called and thought there might be a Fisher in their ditch.  It was a mink.The numbers that get hit this time of year must be astoundingly large since this is the fifth I have seen this month.

Yesterday saw the first big tom turkey of the year crossing from a neighbor’s lawn to the woods on the other side of the road.  Removed the first mites from myself and Hawthorne.  Jay spotted an immature bald eagle on the ground in a field with wheat test plots. Several kinds of crocus are up, but not all are open.  The moon was full and deep orange when it came up last night.

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