Birds and birthday

31 Mar

Several days ago there were tracks of two turkeys in the last remaining snow bank, which is still hanging on in diminished form.  A pair of wood ducks flew off a depression holding water just inside the wood and I saw them fly into the woods another morning.  The blue birds have been singing and checking out the box Jay repaired and rehung out by the grapevine.  This morning I put another chunk of suet up for the woodpeckers–the third or fourth this winter into spring.  On the side of the road this week, raccoons are prominent.

Yesterday was sunny and up to 40F. I cut stems for about an hour in the chilly sun. Today is overcast and drippy–snow again, now mixed with rain.  Marsha and I walked in the sun from Cayuga Heights over into Collegetown for lunch at the Carriage House and then back.  The streams and falls are full and running. Then went to visit the three little red poodle puppies she is caring for.  After a quick supper, Jay and I went to the graduate lecture/recital of our friend Sarah, a lyric soprano.  She spoke about “Love-Madness in Early Nineteenth-Century Opera”. One thread she spoke about was how English novels were translated into French, became play, and then were translated into Italian, becoming operas. So the idea of an hysterical woman who goes mad because of lost or jilted love is essentially a British notion which was accepted in Europe. After an intermission she performed Elvira’s Mad Scene from the Bellini opera I Puritani (1835) with two baritones.  There were a coterie of friends attending from church which filled out the crowd to quite an acceptable number of persons.  Sarah’s singing and acting was magnificent.

Friends made the day special!  And may God grant all their generous, good wishes and prayers for this new year.

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