2 Apr

Yesterday I spent a couple hours with Anne up at the hospital where her son Walter, 50, is in a drug-induced coma after having surgery to remove peritoneal infection and perforated colon. There is sepsis of other organs; he is on dialysis; he is having seizures in his brain.  After I asked,  she said she is willing “for any positive energy” to come towards her son.  Anne, could you be a little more vague?  As her husband used to say.

It means, yes, she will accept, would like,  prayer on his behalf.

On the way there I saw the first turtle and the first road-kill beaver of the year.  On the same section of pavement. The wood cocks are still in the wet spot.  A coyote and rabbit have been about, judging by tracks.  Hawthorne dragged out from the woods an opossum skin that had to be buried under rocks in the old corn field. Eww. Pounce brought in a freshly killed Junco this morning. Bad cat.

Went this morning to an information session for Tompkins Learning Partners.  Am looking forward to teaching for them.

Tonight will meet Jay at Sue’s after work.  She has a 13-yr. old doe she thinks has some sort of prolapse.  We will see.  I am taking a gun because she does not want to call the vet. Now to hang laundry.

One Response to “Busy”

  1. garden2day 2 April 2011 at 12:40 PM #

    I pray that Walter feels no pain; that he will be healed according to God’s will; and that the family is comforted in the time ahead. This is not an easy time, I’m sure. My gma died because of a perforated colon (due to diagnostic testing) in the early 60s. Back then, there was very little they could do as we watched her slowly slip away in lots of pain.

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