3 Apr

Yes, I could make my own.  And am rapidly coming to the conclusion it might be the way to go while on the hunt for a best yogurt lately.  Well, best that is available here for a reasonable price.  No camel’s milk here, I am afraid.  And the little cups of goat milk yogurt that are on offer are priced a few times above what I wish to routinely pay.

Then there is the topic of “getting what you pay for”.  Most yogurts offered have little or no fat and high amounts of sweeteners or flavors in order to cover up the fact that fat-less milk products taste like nothing very much.  Which is not what I wish to pay for.  It is laughable (to me) to pay a premium for what is styled a ‘Greek yogurt’ that is in fact no such thing.  An amazing mix of thickeners have been stirred in to approximate the thickness , but really, the rest of the world is not afraid of using whole milk like we are.

So far the top , and only, contender for boughten yogurt of high caliber in reasonable price range is one called Liberte Mediterranee.  With all those little jette marks above the e”s.  It has whole milk, and cream.  And the vanilla is not very sweet at all. It is enough for breakfast and carries me through to lunch. Although , disappointingly, it seems the company is now announcing it will be available with 0% Fat.  Why bother.

Why this morning for this topic?  Well, funny you should ask.  I am sitting here with a partially eaten 6 ounces of Stoneyfield French Vanilla.  It came home with me because it says ‘Whole Milk’ on the front.  But my first two spoonfuls and subsequent reading of ingredients have confirmed that its ‘Smooth and Creamy ‘ claim is strongly aided by the use of pectin. So much pectin that there there is a slimy string which follows each spoonful.  Which is disconcerting to someone who has worked with certain bacteria that act in a similar fashion.  And sugar is the second ingredient.   So this is a way to put off bolting the rest before church.

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