Snow Silly

5 Apr

Walter is receiving hospice care in the ICU.  All lines have been removed except one for a morphine drip.  He is expected to pass away in the next 12-36 hours. His mother Anne and brother Simeon are with him.

Stopped to shoo a Woodcock away from the edge or the road Sunday morning on the way to church.  The silly thing.  That big white pickup that came along directly afterward would have smushed it for sure.

Yesterday we had thunder and rain.  Last night’s rain and warmth made it the first active salamander night; but I was busy elsewhere and didn’t get to go scouting to see them.  This morning Hawthorne and I went out int he rain to look but as we walked to the woods the rain changed to snow.  Later this afternoon it was snow pellets.  Now just snow again.  Blah.  The ground is warm enough that there is only a small amount sticking to the ground.  But still.

Sharon has 70 lambs in the barn at their home.  She has four bottle lambs.  What are the chances Jay will let two come live here?  Sharon is very willing; there are still 12 ewes left to lamb.

Pounce can be very silly sometimes.

Exhibit A: Now why would he do this?  I will tell you.  There were no clothes left on the top of the bureau.  But there are hand towels in that basket.  And lying just on the fancy flowered cover there is not good enough.  Oh, no.  Not cushy, you see.

So he squished his whole 16+ pounds into a teeny space.  For comfy-cozy.

Exhibit B: You thought perhaps I was exaggerating the relative sizes of large Pounce and small basket, didn’t you?  Notice there is still excess cat hanging over the side towards us.

Exhibit C: A towel, a cushy towel, folded to provide more cushy-ness, was laid upon the bureau. Voila!

Please note that the basket is much smaller than the cat.

Just asked Jay.  He said the chance is “almost none”.


One Response to “Snow Silly”

  1. 4everlanguagelearner 5 April 2011 at 5:50 PM #

    almost none means there still is a chance, albeit small………..

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