11 Apr

This morning Hawthorne took off to the next door neighbor’s pine block so I yelled for him to come back which scared the Pileated Woodpecker sitting in a hedgerow tree, calling.

It has been around since late winter .  Evidence:

Many other kinds of woodpeckers are finishing up the latest block of suet.  They are accustomed enough to our presence that Jay was astonished that he could work outside and they would ignore him and continue to feed and fly back and forth.  It seems like spring is coming late.  Maybe there are not yet enough insects for them.


One Response to “Redheads”

  1. SandySays1 13 April 2011 at 3:44 AM #

    It’s amazing how well wild-life adapts if we let them. We have three examples in our back yard. There are a pair of night herons building a nest in the mangroves across the canal, a pole length from a moored boat. The manatees come up and drink the fresh water when we clean fish and allow the hose to run. And four otters (we’re guessing a pair and pups) have taken to using our dock as their dining table and rest area when they tire of playing in the canal.

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