Surf and Turf

16 Apr

Last night after supper Jay and I went fishing.  We caught ten little brown trouts that had been released earlier that day.  Four went into a bucket of water and were transferred to the neighbor’s pond.  The other six went into the fridge.

Jay estimated each weighs about 6 oz.  So there is about 3.5 pounds of trout.

There were eight of us who worked five plus hours each this morning and into the afternoon cutting up the steer. The four men were in the barn, in the cold, cutting and grinding. The women were in the house, weighing, bagging, and labeling. And making lunch and coffee.

M’s father fed the cattle while they were away, and he liked having them look forward to his coming each day.  So he overfed them.  By quite a bit.  In my opinion, the meat would be graded prime. I had a shoulder steak this evening.  It was so tender and juicy it was difficult to think it was from a typically tough divided muscle.

The three day old calf named Athena, with her fat mama:


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