Visits and Visitors

16 Apr

Since Wednesday each morning I go visit and care for Sarah, and elderly, blind-in-one-eye, black rabbit.  Yesterday she sat on my lap while I combed and plucked out much of her hair that is falling out due to the season change.  She is mostly skin and bones and spirit.  But a very nice spirit.

Wednesday evening Linda and I heard Noboyuki Tsujii in concert.  What an extraordinary treat!  He is only22.  He is blind. He learns all music by ear.  He played the Mozart Sonata in C major, Beethoven’s Sonata no.17 in D minor, op.31, no.2 (Tempest) and Mussorgsky”s Pictures at an Exhibition, complete. His playing is incredibly nuanced.  The music sings.  But as a mother I worry about his physical being.  His back is curved and rounded like an old man’s; he has little evident muscle tone in his torso.  What pain lies ahead…

Thursday Rocky, the flying squirrel came to stay with us while his family are on vacation.  This morning he explored my knitted vest and rested in the folds of my nightgown and the towel basket while I was getting dressed.  He lives in an aquarium in the bathroom when he comes here, the better to not fall afoul of large teeth.

Yesterday a new Hellebore and a small pink lilac– Sugar Plum Fairy– came home with me, thanks to a birthday gift from Mom M.  They are both in the ground now.  It is supposed to rain and be high strong winds here today. 

Jake, son of Jeni, comes to town with his crew team this morning for a race.  Will they still hold it if there is a storm?   It is nasty out there right now.

We are due to go to L and M’s this morning.  There is a two-day old calf to see and a hanging steer to cut up.

Recently finished reading Portrait of a Turkish Family by Irfan Orga.  What a wonderfully written memoir.

It inspired me to seek out another memoir: Carla Grissman’s Dinner of Herbs.  Another incredibly wonderful book.  Am quite sad to see that Ms. Grissmann died just a couple months ago.

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