Weather Change

28 Apr

The red hellebore is now fully open.  Along with lots of other plants, trees and shrubs.  The past two days the temperature has been 40 degrees higher than it had been.  And we have had lots of rain.  Last night at least four large thunder and lightening storms came through.  Over an inch of rain fell.

Plants are acting as if they are late for their scene on stage, rushing out and bursting into bloom.  They are late for their part, but it is not their fault.  The pacing of the weather has been quite slow here. But now,  the fruit trees will bloom any day if this weather keeps on.  The peas are up.

The influence of altitude and microclimes has been easy to see this year.  We were a couple weeks behind until the hot weather arrived Tuesday.  Down in town the forsythia, daffodils, magnolias were out.  Up here–small blooming bulbs and the hellebores.  No daffodils.  No forsythia.  No hyacinth.  Only the earliest white violets.

Now, except for the wetness, the blooms are “on time”.

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