30 Apr

The Bobolinks have returned!  They were singing in the hedgerow trees this morning. They are one of my very favorite birds.  They seem so cheerful and happy they make me so to hear them.

The bumblebees are awake and working.

Next to the Bobolink was a yellow warbler of some sort.  A Yellow Warbler?  A  Pine Warbler? A Prairie Warbler?  It was high up and in the sunlight was bright yellow.

The woodpeckers are out making noise all around.  They look very elegant in their black and white outfits, as if they are on their way to a formal function, or just returning from a night out–the plumage of some individuals is rather scruffy looking.  But still elegant, like a disreputable but charming uncle.

The other day I saw crows ganging up on a raven. There was also one hanging about last fall.  Up back in the silence of the fields and woods, the raven’s loud, raucous, repeated ‘gawk’ is intimidating and rather unnerving. Sort of ominous.  I was silently urging the crows on as they cawed and darted and flew, pecking, at the larger bird.  Was the raven raiding their nests?  If I could find a young raven still in its nest, I would raid that nest and make it a pet.

The bluebirds have yet to start a nest in one of the boxes, and I fear the swallows will beat them to it.  They are still singing in the crabapple most mornings, though.  Our neighbors report the white-breasted nuthatches have taken up residence in the box just off their patio.

Jay is now in the midst of starling killing season. He got one which was trying to nest in the garage this morning and another which had already made a nest in the church this afternoon.  He has also moved the squirrel nest box to a locale more felicitous for shooting since they are trying to establish a nest in it as well.

Tomorrow morning he hopes to go out and at least see a turkey since the season begins May first.


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