5 May

Rain and frost and cold and today–sun!

All the different greens are becoming evident.  I love  spring greens.  The yellow greens of willows and certain maples.  The kelly green of the grass. All the shades of new hatching pale birthing green.  There are lots of different textures to greens as well.  Here are three:

These wide pointed autumn crocus leaves are coarse and ribbed.  No shine.  They will turn brown and disappear in a few weeks.  The flowers will not appear until November.

These round shiny beauties are European ginger.  They are a ground cover that has spread profusely over the years since my MIL gave me my first few.  They are thin and delicate now.  In a few weeks they will toughen up and darken.

This army of green spikes emerging from the ground under the spruces are hosta.  They will also change dramatically into all sorts of textures and colors in the coming weeks.


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