Opening Day

7 May

In the black hour before dawn,

In the deep dark wood

In beauty sit, surrounded

Nestle at knees of looming

Lace-fringed gypsy trees

Beneath bright night ornaments

See sky jeweled finger-fronds sieve

Wind, shake semaphore

Signals, sough with soft singing

Some last leaves telegraphing

Soft Morse code music.

Squat surrounded on leaf skirts

And surrender to

Beauty  Big Beauty  Beauty

Then night sinks into the soil

Day drops from above

Color and detail expand

Make ordinary

Replace mystery with mundane.

Dark beauty departs

Dark beauty becomes docile

In dawn daylight dons

Different revealing veil.

Come, realize this bounty

These dark tree dances

Waving worship in the wind

Leaf laughter, loose, free.

Such surfeit of bountiful

Beauty unbound and

Repeated on a hundred

Thousand hills.  From our

Hurry hidden in plain view.

November 2010-April2011

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