This Sunny Sunday Morning

8 May

Jay came with me this morning!  He had an errand in mind, though.  As you can see many trees are in flower of bud and some in early leaf.  The field seems to have been planted yesterday when we were not around.

On the edge of another field is a lively specimen of a mullein.  I let a few of these grow in my gardens.  Their leaves are thick and wooly and it will put out a tall spike on which yellow flowers open gradually for weeks as the spike grows.  insects like them.

They are quite large.

Jay’s errand was putting in a salt lick for the deer.  We saw 11 the other night.  He was pleased.  Me; not so much.  He is ensuring that wild animals will be able to access the salt by placing it in a depression on an old log.  When the rain melts it, the salt will be retained in the wood.  It is near where he has a stand.  But the salt will be gone long before the fall season.

Recently I saw a young fox kit dead in the road which brought forth mixed feelings.  Sad because it had been hit, but pleased that there are enough foxes around to get off a litter.  The coyotes have played havoc with the fox population near us.  Heard coyotes in the night recently, yipping and singing.

Literally overnight, the multitudes of little spiders must have received a decree from their leader to spin a patchwork of small webs across the whole of the fallow field.

(A pause while I remove a tick crawling on my hand.) This is not a daily occurance, but is altogether too frequent.  And I wear rubber boots that come almost to my knee.  But I did bend over and kneel to pick violets.

Which you can see here.

Last night I made rhubarb custard pie filling and baked it in a buttered pie dish without the pie crust.    It is marvelous.

And the red pasque flower is now out.


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