In the Wet

15 May

The apples, both wild and cultivated, and wild strawberries are in bloom. So are the redbud, the flowering almond.  The latter looks like miniature pom-poms on a stick.

If you were from a city you might believe, as some city friends have, that now the woods is one great impenetrable green wall.  Only as impenetrable as the crowd of invited guests at the reception where you come in, late and uninvited.

But come as my friend and I will introduce you.

This morning it is raining after over a week’s hiatus.  The overcast half-light heightens all color.  Spent flowers and petals cover the paths as after a wedding.

For now is when the senses are almost overwhelmed with lively fullness, slow power, the rightness of all this creation coming into its annual glory.   Any terrestrial green you could wish for is here.

All those perfumes you have smelled that say they smell “green”?  Those narrow astringent thin half-starved scents?  They lie.

The scent is intoxicating: large and round and dense; subtle intense floweriness, thick with oxygen and pollen.  It welcomes one in, beckons me believe I could go live in beauty and never lack. Rich and full and altogether lovely. It is the smell of sufficiency and joy.

But not of breakfast.  One must come out of one’s senses and walk back to the house, dripping, with a large handful of clover and grass for Bouncer.  And a wet elderly cat coming to greet us joyfully through the lengthening field.

One Response to “In the Wet”

  1. gobetweenflames 15 May 2011 at 7:26 AM #

    Beautiful, I don’t think I have seen the flowering almond before.

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