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Sunny Saturday

21 May

Lilacs are out as are the tulips and columbines.  Last night we planted an Enkianthus we bought on our anniversary. We love the flowers.

Saw the first hummingbird yesterday.  At least one came to the feeder this evening as soon as it was up.

Saw an interesting small black beetle this morning: looked like some sort of very tiny (half the size of my pinkie’s fingernail) rhinoceros beetle   although that page indicates they are much larger.  The one I had was black with no reddish underpart.  It flew off on the way in the house to a container.

The robin’s nest with the four baby birds was on the ground this morning.  Two of the young were dead.  They were all surprisingly large for being about a week old.  Of the other two, one lived to this evening and is eating and pooping.  Am digging worms and feeding it.

Goldilocks ate another (boughten) mouse.  Then she had the opportunity to sun herself outside.  Perhaps she is getting ready to molt.  She is very sluggish and seems to be duller in color than usual, both signs of impending skin shedding.

Transplanting, planting, weeding, more weeding, raking.

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