Surprising Sunday

23 May

The last little robin did not live the night. Spent the morning walk with Hawthorne grieving until I came upon the first of the five efts.  They have been out returning to the wood’s edge many mornings after their night’s hunt. Then remembered that I had told Sue I would get her one to take to her bio class.  The largest and fattest came with us the rest of the way home, also the big black and yellow millipede.  Made them a portable home away from home and drove it up to Sue.

She and I walked around her pond and discussed gardens.  Lost track of time and on the rushed drive home to get ready for church saw a large blue-green snake dead by the side of the road.  Checked it on the way to church just to make sure.  Yup. Dead.

As we drove into church there was my father!  Now why would he be here, two plus hours away from their home?  Jay did not wish for me to see.  But if your parent showed up at an unusual place and time you would check it out, would you not?

And there were my aunts!  And my mother!  And Alison!–with whom I went to college and lived with during and afterwards.

They were part of a plot of our son’s to honor us with a surprise anniversary party.  It was a surprise.  Surprise!  My relatives and Alison came down to church with us.  And afterwards we returned to the family center to a large surprising mix of friends.  Isaac had friends of his helping and taking photos. When he gets some to me I will show you.   The room and tables were beautifully decorated.  Lots of flowers.  Photos of our wedding day.  And lots of dear friends and family.

Isaac made a very nice speech.  He coordinated the flow of the party.

Everyone brought a dish (or more) to pass. There was a large buffet of food.  Then another large buffet of desserts. Mary made and decorated a cake to look like our wedding cake.  Jay made a nice speech. He had been prepared because, as he said, he is an Eagle Scout and scouts are prepared.

We had known something was up.  But not when or where.  Jay had been suspicious of this weekend. But not this method or mode.

Alison came all the way from S. Carolina.  Susan came all the way from Boston.  Eileen called later that evening from California.  Betty and Suzanne and Sung and Gretchen and Kevin and Cassie and Jeni and Sarah and Erika and Isabelle all helped Isaac.

Isabelle played violin and had worn her purple and silver jaguar print party dress underneath her church clothes and all during service while she helped care for babies.  So it was a surprise to see her in the party dress.  I wondered if she had hid her clothes in her violin case.  Isaac and Isabelle played a few songs on piano and violin.  People told stories about us.

It was a very fun time.  Alison and Sue and Betty and Suzanne and Henry came back to our home for awhile together after.

Now there are flowers and food and cards all over the kitchen and living room.  It was a wonderful afternoon and evening.

And while we were enjoying ourselves, that large tornado was destroying part of Joplin, Missouri.

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