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6 Jul

Yesterday a deer jumped up from its bed in the chest-high corn and ran, leaping, away from us across the field and eventually into the woods.  When it stopped just its head would show if it held it up to look around.  It had antler buds.

This morning I walked around starting on the north edge and came to an area where usually my glad acquaintances the dragonflies would be sunning themselves on the fist-sized flat rocks on the edge of the corn field. But instead of them were only their black-veined cellophane-like wings. 7 wings: almost two dragonflies’ worth of wings.  A little further on, four more wings.  Then more, further on. I picked up  lot of wings.  Perhaps some bird figured out where they liked to sun themselves early in the morning when they were not yet up to speed?

From the garden today: four and a half pounds of sugar snap peas, a half pound of yellow summer squash, a pound and a half of broccoli, lots of lettuce that I did not weigh.

Monday we took Clarisse to visit the little nieces and nephews who were in town.   And others.


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