Berries and Blight

9 Jul

Yesterday Jay took four of us and Hawthorne to “The Old Man’s Pool”.  A favorite swimming area on the creek when he was a boy, it was named by our daughter when she was little.  It has a couple deep (4 feet) pools and several small, powerful waterfalls. There is even a plastic covered metal line for a dog around a tree on one bank.  It is one of the few places where you can sit in the cool flowing water and eat ripe mulberries directly from low hanging branches.  Jay and I moved rocks to (re) start building a dam to raise the water level in one pool even further.  It was very fun.

The blueberries are blue on the earliest variety and now are getting sweet.  After supper we went and grazed.  For breakfast I made cornmeal waffles and the girls filled the depressions with their freshly-picked berries. And butter, maple syrup, and brown sugar enhanced yogurt.

The wild black raspberries are in full swing now, too.  But they are so good hardly any get into the house.

The pear tree Jay planted a couple years ago was so beautiful: it had a crop of about a dozen pears hanging and growing that could have been on the cover of any magazine for beauty and perfection.  Until this week.  A few days ago I noticed that the pears were no longer perfect-looking.  They were covered with wide brown blots.  And many leaves were.  Even the morning glory planted next to the tree was affected.  Jay investigated those ominous signs last night.  It was fire blight.  Boo.  Hiss.  Sob.   Pears are particularly vulnerable to Erwinia.

He cut the tree down and consigned it to the flames within the hour.  The Goldrush apple growing next to the pear is showing signs of fire blight also.  But it has some resistance, and Jay will spray it with copper.  We are hoping the quince and crab apples will be spared. The rainy weather here has helped spread the infection.

More dragonfly wings each morning.  But there are more dragonflies, too.  Now they seem to like the tall grass field.


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