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Red Toes

12 Jul

The corn plants are putting out extra roots for stability.  Red toes are what you see when you walk through the field arms up and head down to deflect the eye height leaves from their target.  Most morning the arms and front of my clothing gets soaked from the dew.  Not this morning.

The occasional snake, the round depressions in the dusty soil with a stray feather nearby to mark where the wild turkeys have been dust bathing, the scratch of dragonfly wings on corn leaves as they alight and take off, the little markers of dragonfly wings where one has been eaten.  Yesterday a deer again rose from the hidden field interior and leaped over the head high corn to the woods.  This one was a larger buck, his antlers already showing at least six brown velvet points.  An eft once and again, though none for about a week now.

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