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What’s Cooking?

2 Aug

Nothing in the oven.  Too hot.  But recent repeats since they are all in full harvest now include green beans with homemade Italian dressing:


Potato salad with fresh onions or shallots and Sungold tomatoes and fresh garlic mayo:

And glazed blueberries as dessert:

The raspberries are coming on now, too.  And the heavy cream–hah!  This is an easy dessert.  Take about 5 cups of blueberries.  Make a glaze.  Pour hot glaze over berries.  Cover with very lightly sweetened whipped cream.  Or yogurt.  Enjoy.

Instead of plain water I tried this summer hard cider from Woodchuck which contains blueberries.  It made a great glaze.

One cup liquid, 3/4 cup sugar, 3Tablespoons cornstarch.  Mix all together before heating.  A glaze is essentially a blanc mange (pudding) made with water (or in this case hard cider) instead of milk.

The glazed berries.  The above glaze was more than enough for 5 cups berries.  I cut the recipe in half for berries for 3-4 of us.  Other berries can be used.  The idea came from the Better Homes and Gardens cookbook given me by my mother when I was a young teen.  The strawberry glaze pie.  No pie shells baked now in this heat!  Have done so other years and filled the shell with this mixture.  But is just fine and fewer unnecessary calories with just the filling and cream.

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