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Spinning Wensleydale

5 Aug

Not the name of a new band, but what an idea: The Spinning Wensleydales.  Remember  Wallace and Gromit? If not, just hop on over there; they are great characters.  If so, then you know that Wallace’s favorite cheese is Wensleydale.  A few years ago the sheep themselves came to my notice.  Lovely large longwool breed that is being bred in the US to as close as possible a pure line without importing animals.

I bought a half pound of Wensleydale roving at the Troy fair. It is all spun.

I added a fair amount of twist while keeping the singles fairly thick.  The result:

The yarn is bulky, about 400 ypp.  It is longwool so to the hand it feels nice, but on the face you wish not to repeat .  But it is lovely.

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