Late Summer Sounds

27 Aug

It is never quiet this time of year.  The insects have only a few weeks to live a whole lifetime and they are using it to the fullest.  Crickets sing non-stop.  Driving down the road you can hear different populations of insects: katydid town, tree frog alley, other high singing, whining, buzzing, noisome unknowns.

There are fewer birds singing–no dawn choruses anymore.  Now there are scolding parent birds: the robins, the house wren, the red-tail hawk.  The crows still harass the owls occasionally in the mornings.  The sapsucker occasionally flits across singing about the sap in the mountain ash.

We wake up and go to sleep and live the days to the short-lived strong-voiced chorus of insects.  An occasional coyote song.  And at night the comforting high, thin song of my blood accompanied by the deep pulse of my heart joins the insects singing in my ears as I fall asleep.

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