Never a Dull Moment

30 Aug

Well, maybe only a moment.

This evening Sue, my friend down the road who teaches science and with whom I discuss all things nature related, called.  One of her sons and a friend had called from a restaurant where a waitress had found two baby gray squirrels at the base of a tree. Would we take them to raise if the mother did not return by the time they were done with their meal?

Jay has wished for another squirrel since Banner’s presumed demise.  Of course!  They are now ensconced in a tissue box lined with washclothes and tissues and heated with a chemical heating rectangle used to keep one’s hands warm while hunting.

Their eyes are open.  They are about the same size as Banner was when she came to us.  Dehydrated.  Drank 7cc each of a electrolyte solution before coming here.  Full feeding will wait until the morning. Both males.

Squirrel Big:

And squirrel small:

2 Responses to “Never a Dull Moment”

  1. andy1076 30 August 2011 at 7:02 PM #

    I’m assuming that even if the mother had returned, if they had the hint of human hands the mother would reject them wouldn’t she? cute pictures by the way! i never knew they could look so adorable so small 🙂

  2. Gobetween 1 September 2011 at 10:16 AM #

    So tiny. Poor little things, are they eating?

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