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11 Sep

We are watching footage from ten years ago today here. And looking at photos.

That day I was listening to the nine o’clock news before beginning school with the children, then ages five and ten.  The radio announcer was telling about the first plane hitting the north tower of the Trade Center when the second plane hit.  He started crying.  So did I.

As it became apparent that these were not accidents, as new came in of the attack on the Pentagon, I called a close friend in California.  She thought I was joking until she turned on her TV.

We prayed.  I cried.  We prayed some more.

We went over to Mom M’s and spent a good portion of the day there watching the TV.

My daughter remembers nothing of this.  As we were discussing what happened that day the depth of her incomprehension is becoming clearer to me.

She has grown up in a post-911 world.  She could not conceive how we could have “let” people on board a plane take over and fly them into a building.


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