Paper Wasp Nests

14 Sep

Isabelle discovered a large nest of yellow jacket waps in the ground while she was shoveling manure this summer.  Jay killed a colony dug in the blueberries.


Then this week we went down to see the gigantic nest made by the white-faced hornets in a maple tree behind Cherry’s shed. We call them white-faced hornets.  Their real name is Bald-faced hornets.


While gathering maple seeds from a different tree for the squirrels, behold, another large nest:

Those photos, though poor quality, are an indication of my increased lemming-like-ness.  They were taken with a phone.  And I actually was able to download the photos to the computer.


One Response to “Paper Wasp Nests”

  1. garden2day 14 September 2011 at 6:42 AM #

    Wow! I remember seeing only one of these nests “in the wild” and out of all of the ones I have seen none were as large as these. How fascinating and how great to see two. I love your background photo today-you take the best photos!

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