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27 Sep

Today two adult Monarch butterflies were flitting about in the field where all the larvae were.  Visiting their natal area?  No larvae have been seen since Sunday, one on that day, which was finishing up a leaf on a Milkweed , stripping it down to the center rib.

Two flocks of geese went over, eyeing the newly shorn corn field.   They saw Hawthorne snuffing in the field and opted not to land.  I had concealed myself in the hedge row hoping they would.

A smallish red pepper heisted from someone’s garden turned out to be hot.  I cut it up and put it in a pan of turkey garlic soup.  Raw it seemed fine and not at all hot.  But in the soup?  I almost choked!  And now, hours later, the fingertips of my right hand, which held the pepper while it was diced, tingle and burn as if they are being slowly broiled over a very small flame.

Sunday was the pumpkin harvest.

And the gourd harvest.  A smaller someone seemed tonight to appreciate the ones that came home:

This morning Earl drank about 11 ml of cream mix.  Merle?  Pshaw!  He has not lowered himself to milk products in a couple days.  He is eating nuts and drinking water, thank you very much.

Merle is also thinner than he was.  Not unusual.

They are both starting to jump and are much quicker.  They run and leap now.

They come in most days in the morning and evening for some bonding time.  Their nest box will soon be moved to the tree and they will have more room to roam at will.

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