Free At Last, But Not Really

4 Oct

They are on their own.   They come and go as they please.  But they are not free, really, because they are dependent upon us to provide food for them.  Like some people.

This was in the hutch before we moved the box.


This is the day of the move.


At home up high.

Earl, who had the broken leg?  He bullies Merle.  Merle has figured out he must fight back or run and hide when he has food that Earl wants.

They come down two to three times a day for food interaction.  And they eat as they wish from food we leave out for them on the woodpile.

We gave them a small antler:  they have chewed over 1/2 inch off one tip so far.  Is that not interesting?  I think so.  That is how they are getting their trace minerals and calcium now.  And we didn’t have to teach them!


One Response to “Free At Last, But Not Really”

  1. garden2day 5 October 2011 at 7:37 AM #

    It is so fascinating to see Earl and Merle in their new ‘home away from home.’ I am so happy they have made it this far. Congratulations! I know you are proud.

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