12 Oct

It is raining now, but the days have been so sunny.

This morning I walked through a yellow leaf fall: unlike rain it is very specifically local, unlike snow, it is not cold.  And it lasts only as long as the wind and leaves do.

Hawthorne has been having a high old time chasing geese off the fields.  A few hundred.  See the background photo.

Still picking raspberries.  Huge thumb-sized ones.  And this afternoon late I went and picked up 50-75 pounds of large potatoes from the research fields which were harvested today.  The research of my SIL.

Of course this was after Sv and I made a run to where I thought the fields were and found potatoes that had been harvested days ago and were turning green.  But we picked some up anyway.  And then I got through to L and…  I picked up good ones for Sv.

Still spinning.  Hawthorne thinks he wants to learn.  Not really, but he routinely comes and bumps my hands while I spin.

The girl actually made muffins!.  Oatmeal cinnamon chocolate chip.  And they were fine!  A little bit oily for me, but tasted just fine!

Monday she and a friend and I drove up to a large mall so she could spend some early Birthday money and have her birthday gift of a consultation at Sephora.  woo-hoo!  After the day itself, she will be allowed (finally, she says) to wear some daily make up.  We all rode the carousel.

Am reading a second book on a Nook from the library, Ann Pachett’s State of Wonder.   Someone else likes it because it has the game Angry Birds on it.  I think I prefer a real book.  An also reading The Help.

At the mall bought a new lampshade.  The light is much brighter now in the living room, pointing up the fact we have not painted the ceiling in over 25 years.  And that we had spiderwebs.  And that we should have started the dehumidifier earlier.  Those can all be remedied.

There will be one quince to harvest from the new tree!

The trees are almost at peak color.

There are still flowers in bloom.  Lots of species, actually.

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