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The Israeli Baby Surprise Sweater

21 Dec

There is a lot of knitting time on trips.  Waiting in airports, flying across land and sea. And once you are where you are going, there are always odd times to knit, especially when staying with a friend who is a knitter and whose household includes small children. 

And since one more is on the way, what a better time to knit something new-to-me:  Elizabeth Zimmerman’s Babies’ Garter-Stitch Surprise Jacket.  On my list to try for some time.  Mine is more a toddler sweater since I used Noro Kureyon. 

The knitting was started here in the Fingerlakes, proceeded across the Atlantic, was finished in Israel, crossed the Atlantic again; the final sewing, washing, tucking in of ends and sewing on of buttons was accomplished back in the Fingerlakes.  The sweater was then mailed to the midwest, where Uberimma picked it up when she was back for business and with her it once again crossed the Atlantic to its final home back in Israel. 

Whew!  What big trips for a small sweater!


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