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Sloughing Off

22 Dec

When growing up and running around barefoot all summer the skin on the bottom of my toes and balls of my feet would peel off after a month of wearing shoes for school.

Since they are at it again that makes me feel like maybe nothing scary is happening.  The trip to Israel and Jordan was a shock for my feet.  Shoes are usually worn on these tootsies only when leaving the house or walking.  On the trip I wore boots from the time I was up until I went to bed.

So now the top half of the bottoms are sloughing off in quite an impressive fashion. Flayed feet. Each night I peel off a bit more from the raggedy edges.  Separate peeling areas are now joining into (relatively) vast new areas of fresh rosy pink skin.

Can you imagine what it must be like to be a snake? The skin of your whole body gets dry and rough and separates; even your nictitating eyelids peel off…

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