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Rose Concepcion Sackett

3 Sep

Rose was my sister-in-love for over two decades. My brother John adored her, and she was a loving, feisty wife to him. Theirs was a true love match. Our family thanks the military for stationing John in the Philippines so he and Rose could meet. She brought delightful diversity into our already expanding family.

There were summers when Rose, John, and Janine would come east to visit the Sackett farm and relatives. Rose and my husband Jay bonded over their common love of fishing. They went fishing together a lot, bringing the rest of us, or the children with them. We ate many a summer meal cooked together fresh from the garden and pond. Rose taught me how to cook small fish whole in water, vinegar, salt, sugar, onions and spices until it fell from the bones and the liquid became a sauce. We ate it with rice and fresh lettuce leaves, making our own wraps. She taught me how to chop vegetables _small_ enough.

Rose love shopping– much more than I do. And she was good at it. When she came to church with us she would like to tell me what to wear– remaking me in her own image. Which was fine with me since I saw her so infrequently. Once, when she knew I was on the worship team and would be singing we went shopping and she insisted on new shoes because everyone would see my feet. Lovely stylish (painful) high heels that I wore only a couple times. Ha!

We shared the joys and trials of raising children. Visits from Auntie Rose and Uncle John and Janine were highly anticipated events. Everything became fun when Rose was here. Rose was a loving doting mother. Janine might say –too doting. Our children were jealous that Rose was her mother, and not theirs. Janine had more fun, and more stuff, and and and…

I am sad that Janine and Rose will not have future years to grow and mature their mother-daughter relationship. But God knows we can not hurry things just because time is short. Janine, you know your mother and your father loved you and made sure to provide for you in their absence. We love you and will be here for you as you grieve and grow and face life without either father or mother.

Rose shared her family history. What a testimony of God’s blessing and mercy towards her and our family! What good gifts God gave to her, and what a gift she was to us.

We prayed together and spoke about dreams and visions and hopes. We cried over our loss of loved ones. God answers the prayers of those who love Him. She mourned the death of John for so many years and prayed to God that she could be with him. I asked her not to do so. It seems to me now God answered her prayer. But she has left Janine and us all behind. Which I am not happy about, but resigned to. We will all miss her terribly.

We watched movies– the last one we watched in a theatre together was ‘Chennai Express’- a silly Bollywood film- when she and Janine came East four years ago.

Rose influenced my parents– her in laws. John Sackett, my father, her John’s father, writes this to share with you all:

“Rose C. Sackett: wife, mother, our children’s sister in law, daughter in law, famous cook, and friend to all that knew her. She had many friends– with many here today. Some twenty four years ago our oldest sons John surprised us with his marriage to Rose. We never thought John would marry. Rose was a fantastic wife and the living mother of Janine. Jean and I are missing Rose for the many occasions she visited our farm home and we visited her home.

Rose wanted a Corvette automobile– and she had one. He weekly or semiweekly card games with friends were legendary! Rose was a definite Christian with all the Christian attributes! We honor her memory. May God, Jesus Christ be with Rose today and always.”


Thank you so much, Sarah

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