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Various Vicarious

13 Aug

Pounce has been accompanying Hawthorne and me on the walk in the 50 degree mornings. He makes it to the last rise of the lane way and then heads into the corn.  If he does not make it that far, he waits in the hedgerow.  On the last leg, when he either sees or hears me (if he is in the corn) he emits plaintive cries.  Today it was a questioning mew followed by the short rising brrt a kitten uses to request something of its mother.  Yesterday, though, he sent out loud grunting, yowling roars.  The cat equivalent of what you see lions doing in nature films. It was astonishing.  He could not see or hear me and thought we had abandoned him.  Once in sight he reverted to the kittenish calls.

After reading a 1910 Dupont pamphlet on Farming with Dynamite, I made plans.  I woke up hoping there was a way we could get our hand on enough to try turning over the soil in our vegetable garden.  Two rows of four holes each 3-4 foot deep dug with a hand auger would be enough.  But Jay thinks we would have to call specialists in. And get someone’s permission.  And then we would end up on some sort of list.  What freedom we have lost in the last 100 years!

My husband would know about the rules and regs.  He is a licensed, card-carrying agrochemical applicator.  He can buy and use herbicides and pesticides you and I can only dream about if one does not have a license.  Back in 1910 it was different.

He also knows about and participates in IPM.  IPM stands for Integrated Pest Management.  On the radio, oddly, I have been hearing daily ads for IPM. I keep wondering why. Perhaps because it is still available to the ordinary individual without a license.  IPM is an ecological equivalent for those who are too old for lead soldiers on counterpanes or GI Joes in sandboxes.  It is warfare by proxy.  Oh, IPM is really useful, don’t doubt it.  But surely there is some elemental frisson of excitement releasing your army of cannibalistic parasitic wasps on the unsuspecting hoards of aphids consuming the irreplaceable research plants.

Me?  I prefer to do some of the dirty work myself, up close and personal.  For Japanese  beetles,  a fingernail through the joint between the head and thorax, or a quick snap that completely removes the head partially makes up for those ruined rose petals and holey leaves on all the hollyhocks.  Potato and squash beetle larvae squish satisfyingly.

Snow Silly

5 Apr

Walter is receiving hospice care in the ICU.  All lines have been removed except one for a morphine drip.  He is expected to pass away in the next 12-36 hours. His mother Anne and brother Simeon are with him.

Stopped to shoo a Woodcock away from the edge or the road Sunday morning on the way to church.  The silly thing.  That big white pickup that came along directly afterward would have smushed it for sure.

Yesterday we had thunder and rain.  Last night’s rain and warmth made it the first active salamander night; but I was busy elsewhere and didn’t get to go scouting to see them.  This morning Hawthorne and I went out int he rain to look but as we walked to the woods the rain changed to snow.  Later this afternoon it was snow pellets.  Now just snow again.  Blah.  The ground is warm enough that there is only a small amount sticking to the ground.  But still.

Sharon has 70 lambs in the barn at their home.  She has four bottle lambs.  What are the chances Jay will let two come live here?  Sharon is very willing; there are still 12 ewes left to lamb.

Pounce can be very silly sometimes.

Exhibit A: Now why would he do this?  I will tell you.  There were no clothes left on the top of the bureau.  But there are hand towels in that basket.  And lying just on the fancy flowered cover there is not good enough.  Oh, no.  Not cushy, you see.

So he squished his whole 16+ pounds into a teeny space.  For comfy-cozy.

Exhibit B: You thought perhaps I was exaggerating the relative sizes of large Pounce and small basket, didn’t you?  Notice there is still excess cat hanging over the side towards us.

Exhibit C: A towel, a cushy towel, folded to provide more cushy-ness, was laid upon the bureau. Voila!

Please note that the basket is much smaller than the cat.

Just asked Jay.  He said the chance is “almost none”.

Snow and Sew

25 Mar

Since it has been snowing I have been sewing.  All the circles for the big quilt are done.  Now must cut out the interstitial pieces and join them together.  Pounce was too lazy to move and so is helping in a quick display:

Something starting with H found the carcass of the grouse that was not-too-successfully hidden under the tens of bushels large raked pile of chaff from the lawn and threw it around until finding some other smell more interesting.  It is up high in wild cherry tree branches now, like an Indian burial.  Except the crows may find it there.

This morning the gray-green background of hills covered with pines and cloud below, a bright mild face of spring sun peeping from her gray cloud scarves above served as backdrop and illumination for the dropping air dance of a host of shining snow sparkles.  A happy dog ran back and forth in the diamond shimmers; dead brown remains numerous small markers of last summer poked up from the white and crystal speckled snow.  How is it that such simple sights enlarge my heart to bursting for their beauty?

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