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20 Apr

Some are easy:

1) Isabelle and I will mount a campaign against the house sparrows now that she found a dead male bluebird this morning in the grass.

2) Do not let the broody hen out of the pen when Hawthorne is loose outside.  He almost had chicken for lunch after it ran when he sniffed it.

3) Friday evening shall we go to the opera recital of a friend, or to one of the largest livestock auctions of several surrounding counties?  Friends win.

Our Exciting Friday

13 Feb

On the morning walk, the lacy black hedgerow tree tops against the brilliant blue sky made clear that high fashion does not get its ideas ex nihilo.

If you didn’t know better, you might have supposed a small scale war had been held in the snow on the southern slope of the alfalfa field for all the multitudes of tracks and craters.  Even with the nights still significantly longer than the days, it would take quite a few deer to churn up so much snow and dig so many holes of varying sizes through the 5-6 inch deep snow for green stuff.

Mom and Dad came mid-morning.  We talked, played cards, ate Valentine cupcakes, Valentine cookies (that I had made with Audrey at her home last Saturday–Thanks, Audrey!), and coffee.  I made a bacon, onion, mushroom quiche for lunch.

Three took a nap while I continued to re-read The Place of the Lion by Charles Williams.  His books are some of my by-far perennial favorites.   Jay came home and started fixing squeaks.

The grandparents met the ladies.

After their departure, I made a peach pie.  The fillings are made during the peach season and frozen.  Mmm.

The peach pie came with us to supper at E and M’s where we ate wonderful Italian beef, roasted asperagus, sauteed spinach, a great coleslaw, pie, and settled in to watch the opening ceremonies of the Olympics.  E and I knit and talked.  We waited quite a bit longer than anticipated, but the Native American portion was very good.

Upon arriving home we had occasion to use thesekerosene lanterns.  The large one belonged to my great grandmother.  The smaller we bought on a trip to Maine decades ago.  A candle, flashlight and dynamo-powered light were also brought into service.  That’s right, no electricity.

Jay drained some water from the hot-water system as the temperature was off the scale.  But the safety valve did not blow.  Hurrah!  I got a large pan of snow and started melting it over the gas stove flame–started with a match. But there was enough water in the lines to brush teeth and wash faces.

It seems a quite wide swath of this county went lost power about 8.30 last night.  The local high school basketball game was almost done when all went dark.  Surprise!  That game will be rescheduled.  I am glad we were not in the gym with all those people then.

This past week I  read Cormac McCarthy’s The Road.  That stark , bleak tale sprang to my mind as we were getting what light we were able to do what was needed.  Thinking of it did not comfort me.  But God’s words did.

Yesterday’s Weather

22 Jan

Bunny, with a few chickens.

What punny weather we had.

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