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Dr. Chase’s Recipes; or, Information for Everybody

22 Jul

One of the books my Aunt Janice recently gave me is the above named title, published in 1870 by R.A. Beal in Ann Arbor, Michigan.  It is 6 1/2 by 4 1/2 inches in size.

It belonged to my great great great grandfather, Isaac Wells.

Continuing from the title page:

“An invaluable collection of about eight hundred PRACTICAL RECIPES,


Merchants, Grocers, Saloon-Keepers, Physicians, Druggists, Tanners, Shoe-Makers, Harness Makers, Painters, Jewelers, Blacksmiths, Tinners, Gunsmiths, Farriers, Barbers, Bakers, Dyers, Renovators, Farmers, and Families Generally,

to which have been added

a Rational Treatment of Pleurisy, Inflammation of the Lungs, and other Inflammatory Diseases, and also for General Female Debility and Irregularities:

All arranged in their Appropriate Departments.

By A. W. Chase, M. D.


Carefully revised, Illustrated, and much enlarged, with remarks and full explanations.

We Learn to Live, by Living to Learn.”

The cloth bound book cost $1.25.  If it had been a paper cover it would have been $1.00; Morocco Gilt , $2.00 and ion German only $1.25.

This is the 57th edition of this book! But the preface was written to the tenth edition.

The page facing the title page has a diagram of a horse with the names and situations of its external parts.

I plan on sharing some of Dr. Chase’s wisdom with you from time to time.  You will be amazed at some of the things one can learn!

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