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Breaking Out

14 May

The oaks and hickories are now in bloom.  The robin’s eggs are no more: they have all hatched!

Last year I ordered  from Lithuania five peony varieties that are not readily available in the states.  The prices were very good, even with overseas shipping.

These are the varieties: Serebrenyi Velvet.  From the North Caucasus region.  Hybrid.

Solange.  Which you can find in this country–if it is not sold out…

Francoise Ortegat  ditto

Princess Juliana

Mon. Martin Cahuzoc

All the roots survived and the plants are up.

The Seven Minute Snowman

9 Mar

Built at BTI on March 8th.  Started by Jay and finished with help from Leslie.

Sweater and Bonnet

26 Jul

In a few weeks, God willing, Someone will make their appearance.  Since it gets cold in the winter, here is my contribution towards the wardrobe:

It is the baby sweater from the February chapter in E. Zimmerman’s Knitter’s Almanac.

Funny how the outside and inside light make it looks so different.  It is actually nicer looking than either of these photos gives it credit.

EZ shows a bonnet in that chapter, but gives no directions.  In her charge ahead spirit I  decided to come up with something similar.

The main body of it is the lace pattern.  A long strip of it.  Then I knit and ripped out many times the garter stitch for the back of the head, trying to get it appropriately head-shaped.  Added  the garter stitch to cover the neck.  Made an idiot cord to use as a closure.

This is the best approximation of the yarn’s true color.  It is Lamb O’Lakes wool that I dyed.

Split Pea Soup

5 Apr

How do you decide what to have for supper?

I read that some women just do that:  they decide.  Do those women have an inexhaustible storehouse of ingredients?  Do those women run out and buy just what they need for a particular dish?

For me, supper decisions are primarily a daily puzzle I play.  It goes like this:

What do I have that needs using up?

Today a meager ham bone and some homemade beef broth came to mind.

Now think: what do those ingredients suggest to you?

If you are anything like me, the answer is inevitable: split pea soup.  Especially if you knew, as I did, that also on hand are the rest of an elderly stalk of celery and a partial bag of split peas from my friend K, who could not take them on her travels.  And so blessed,  I think of her as I cook.

Onions are a given to be on hand at all times.  Carrots, either in the garden or from the store, on hand 80 percent of the time.  We are well within that percentage right now, having them from both places.  Spices?  No problem. Thyme and bay, salt and pepper.

And also, I admit, the fresh rolls leftover from Easter made soup a logical choice.

Spice Plateau

13 Mar

Happy Birthday, Jay!

For his birthday present Jay wanted, if you can believe it, for me to lay out all the dry spices I have, photograph them, and reduce duplicates.  There were a few duplicates.  Most were reduced by filling appropriate jars or bags more full. He got to throw away the dry green mustard which I have never used and a partial bag of tandoori masala that would not fit into a smaller container.

Many of the spices are in two or more forms: whole and ground, or seed and leaf.  A coffee grinder is a wonderful tool.

Above is a squashed photo of the plateau.

And here is a list of the spices, all of which are in use (except the green mustard):

Allspice, whole and ground

Anise, star

Basil, dry leaf

Bay leaves

Cardamon, whole  pods and decorticated seeds

Cayenne, ground

Black Coriander

Green Coriander, whole seed, ground, and leaf (Cilantro)

Cinnamon, two varieties of bark, and ground

Cloves, whole and ground

Cumin, whole and ground

Dill, seed and weed

Fine Herbs mix

Garam Masala

Garlic, powder, salt and cloves

Ginger, powder and sugared


Lemon Pepper (for Jay)


Green Mustard

Yellow Mustard, seed and ground


Nutmeg, whole and ground

Onion, powder, granulated, fresh, salt

Orange peel, ground

Paprika, plain Spanish, smoked Sweet Spanish and smoked hot Spanish

Parsley, leaf

Black and White peppers, whole and ground

Pickling spices

Poultry Seasoning

Rosemary, leaf and ground


Seasoned Salt , Sea salt, Hickory smoked salt, Kosher salt


Tandoori Masala

Thyme, leaf and ground


Wasabi powder

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