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7 Jul

The hydrangeas are coming into bloom.  This is exciting!  Neither have bloomed since the years they were planted.  For one that is over a decade; I had been ready to pull it out if no blooms this year. Here is the first bloom off the newer one with a yellow rose.

A couple years ago the girl bought wool and silk at the guild’s rock day to make felt.  Yesterday a few of us met to divvy up books, yarn, and tools which dear departed Celia had bought and her Henry has since found. The get together inspired her to break out the fiber and get to work.

She made a wool and silk scarf.

The finished product is very beautiful!

And last but by no means least: both the girl and I have spied an Indigo Bunting.  She a few days ago and me this morning on the walk.  It flew from the ground up into a tree thick with leaves. Then it gave its annoyance cry.  (my interpretation).  Which is exactly what is recorded at the end of the “typical voice” sounds on the site.  Perhaps it is nesting?  Perhaps it is the one which made a meal of my flying friends?


A New Chair Seat for an Old Chair

21 Aug

This green chair is from my great aunt Isabel’s home.  It is a favorite of mine.  But it had a problem.

That old pressed paper seat had finally given way.

Pounce loves to sleep in the chair.  On the  bottom side the tear was full cat  hair.  Yuck.  I only used it when company came and we didn’t have enough seats.

I finally got around to searching online for a replacement pressed paper seat.  And found one.  And brads to attach it.  And eventually I used brown shoe polish to color it and spreadable silicon shoe protectant over the polish. It was a very yucky off color skin tone originally.

Then after sitting a few more weeks today I asked Jay to help me. He took off the old seat.  I made a paper pattern and transferred it to the back of the new seat.  I washed the chair up but declined the offer of new paint.  I like that old patina of use and age, bare spots, paint drips, and all.

After finagling with a jig saw he discovered he could use scissors to cut the pressed paper and did so.  Then I sandpapered the edge, shoe-polished and protected the front and back again.

Then with Jay as consultant, I used his rubber mallet to pound in the brads and connect the seat to the chair.

Irregularity is the mark of hand made, right?

Voila!  A beautiful old chair with a new seat. Now up for grabs for me or Pounce.

Jay estimates I won’t even pile stuff on it for ten days.

Troy Fair Judging

28 Jul

was today.  In the Sheep to Shawl contest there were three entries.   More shawls and lace this year in the knitted categories.

Saw some wonderful Cormo roving and bought some merino/silk/cashmere yarn.

It was hot.  We worked hard.

Pics tomorrow.

Blah: A Mitten Saga

14 Feb

Does not this pair of mittens look lovely?

All done, finally, except for the last thumb.  The first one was started in early December.  It was not until I finished it that I realized I had left off the 1 1/2 inch cuff above the ribbing.   After cutting a thread and removing the K1P1 cuff, I added the cuff by knitting downward. That was the latter half of this week.  The ribbing on this first mitten was completed this morning during a Sunday class on Justice, Mercy and Shalom.

That left only the thumb on the second mitten to complete.  Finally.  Until, after lunch, as I sat listening to Car Talk, I noticed something.  You will spot it much more quickly than I did.

Oh, Blah.  How could it be that I spent all those hours over weeks and not notice 2 left thumbs?

But so it is.

Or was.

I decided to rip the second mitten back to the cuff and redo it with a right thumb.

There has been a lot going on here the past few months.  Maybe I can say that is the reason for so much going unnoticed so long in my knitting.  I have been paying attention to other more weighty matters.

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