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A Funny Story

16 Sep

The girl was sitting chewing on grass waiting for soccer practice to start.  Another girl comes over and says ” Whatcha doing?”

“Chewing on grass.”

Eww!  How weird! Why would you do that?  What if a grasshopper pooped on it?”

“Well, it tastes like salad.  Do you eat fish?”


“Well, those fish ate worms and things in the water before you ate them, so you are eating the worms that became the fish.”

“Hmm.  yeah…”

“Do you eat at McDonald’s?”


“Well, the hamburger comes from cows.  And the cows ate –guess what–grass!  So in a way you are eating the grass that became the cow!”

“Oh!  I never thought of it that way.”

Then the girl promptly bent over and took a blade of grass and started chewing on it.

“I don’t taste anything.   Oh, wait, it does taste like salad!  This is so cool!”

To which, my daughter tells me this morning, she privately went “Yes!  Another follower!”  As her goal all along had been to change the girls point of view, to manipulate her.  I told my daughter she should become a teacher.

Sweater and Bonnet

26 Jul

In a few weeks, God willing, Someone will make their appearance.  Since it gets cold in the winter, here is my contribution towards the wardrobe:

It is the baby sweater from the February chapter in E. Zimmerman’s Knitter’s Almanac.

Funny how the outside and inside light make it looks so different.  It is actually nicer looking than either of these photos gives it credit.

EZ shows a bonnet in that chapter, but gives no directions.  In her charge ahead spirit I  decided to come up with something similar.

The main body of it is the lace pattern.  A long strip of it.  Then I knit and ripped out many times the garter stitch for the back of the head, trying to get it appropriately head-shaped.  Added  the garter stitch to cover the neck.  Made an idiot cord to use as a closure.

This is the best approximation of the yarn’s true color.  It is Lamb O’Lakes wool that I dyed.

Almost Spring Recital

4 Mar

At my home, March 4, 2010

Prelude # 7 in B minor – R. Vandall                               C

Minuets # 1 and 2 – JS Bach                                                B

Jesu Parvule – A. Burt                                                      C and  I

Prelude # 2 in D major – R. Vandall                               B

Allegro – JH Fiocco                                                         I and D

Minuet # 3 – JS Bach                                                           B

The Merry Farmer – R. Schuman                                     C

Prelude #4 in F major — R. Vandall                                C

Followed by peppermint chocolate chip cupcakes with chocolate frosting and  white grape juice spritzer

Austin, We Have Snow

26 Feb

We have dear friends there, and not in Houston.  No liftoff, just lots of shoveling.  Jay brought Isaac home Wednesday night just ahead of the start of the storm.  Isaac put in a few weeks worth of wood yesterday.  Both kids shoveled most of our driveway and a neighbor’s yesterday late afternoon.

By this morning there was another 12 inches.  Jay had to shovel to leave for work.  Even Cornell had a delay.  All schools closed for the second day.

Jay had to shovel a path just to open the door and get to the driveway!  The  goal: the garage and the chickens.

Hawthorne is like a snow walrus–he has to jump and flop and push to get anywhere since the depth of snow is up to or above his belly.  His legs are totally submerged.

Not that he minds.

Water Boys

3 Aug

Abby and company are in town for the week.  The boys today discovered how  steam engines work–and rode one, discovered how much fun large expanses of grass can be, discovered that blueberries grow on bushes–and ate so many it was incredible, picked tomatoes and raspberries and beans and carrots and ate them, petted Pounce and Hawthorne, watched Jay use a tractor to mow down grass, saw horses, and played in the water barrel.

Here is the guy who started it all:


And here they all are:


Eventually they all got soaked.  Why not?

The Horse Came in Handy

8 Dec

Saturday, while I was downtown doing errands waiting for Isaac to finish retaking two SAT exams, Jay was out in the cold hunting.  When he gave up he decided to take Isabelle down to ride Cherry.

As she was saddling the horse up, Jay glanced out the shed window and saw two deer out in the field where Isabelle would be riding.

So he walked back to the house for his truck,  gun and the walkie-talkies.  Then he snuck down south into A’s property , where we have permission to hunt, into the woods and around the deer to the southwest.

He then told Isabelle to ride Cherry out into the field, keeping to the north edge, and try to push the deer towards him.

She did so and discovered the entire back of the field was filled with deer; 12-15 of them.  The deer fanned out and ran in the general direction of Jay’s hiding place.

He saw them coming, and when they got near started yelling, trying to get the nearest ones to stop, to no avail.  Finally he took a running shot at a nice doe.

They used Cherry to drag the carcass to the truck.

Annals of the Western Shore

23 Nov

Just finished Ursula Le Guin’s newest trilogy; Gifts, Voices, Powers are the individual titles.  Like many of her books, they are to be found in the young adult section of the library.  Thank Heaven there are writers of her quality found in that genre.

Each book is about a character or two from a different geographical place, culture, and people group on the “Western Shore”.  Each main character is a young person, with different particulars but similar story arc, that of maturing, coming into one’s calling and gifts, facing reality, discerning what is true.  After the first book, there is some intertwining of characters.

The series points to the working of divine intervention in our lives.  Each book has a lot to say about the importance of belief, truth, morality.  In each culture imagined by Le Guin the observance of religious duties is a priority.  That different spirits interact with different people groups is presented as fact. Le Guin does not divorce action from belief.

That words, ideas and stories are potent, powerful, of worth, of value is the other main concept presented in these tales.  Books are important.  In her stories young persons who are able to memorize and share stories, songs and poems similar to those found in the Iliad, the Aeneid, and the Bible are presented as talented, gifted, special.  Their abilities make room for them.  Being literate and educated is always presented as the enviable best option.  Educated in her world means a firm grasp on literature and the written and spoken word.

There is not overt, but not disguised discussion about many ugly sides of human activity: slavery, revenge, rape, power used to hurt the powerless, torture.  Many different ideas and examples of how families and societies can be run, positive and negative.

Highly recommended for older teen on up.

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